Hot Shot -Time Critical - Line Down

Sometimes fast is not fast enough. When every second counts, our direct service offers immediate delivery to your end destination. That means there are no stops in between and we will automatically send you an email delivery notification upon completion. Nothing is faster than that!

If you have something that needs to be in the hands of your customer right now, this is the service for you. Our Direct Service is the most popular service when it comes to time critical deliveries.

Direct Service

Based upon availability. Guaranteed nonstop, direct delivery of your package. This service ensures there will be no other stops for your most urgent deliveries.

* Please allow approximately thirty minutes for the pick-up. 

Insurance Coverage: All shipments are insured up to $100. Additional insurance is available upon request when placing an order.

Fuel Surcharges: All rates and quotes include fuel charges

For Service: Call our Customer Service line at: (630) 477-0637 | or e-mail us at:

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