When Details Matter – We Provide White Glove Deliveries

When your delivery requires specific details or needs extra attention, our white glove service is your answer. Let us know what your procedures and expectations are for your delivery, and we will train our drivers to make it happen. We want to impress your customers because we know that improves your relationship with them.

Whether you have items related to the medical supply chain, food product, information technology, or any other item, our professional and courteous drivers will go the extra mile to exceed expectations for you and your customers.

Direct Service

Based upon availability. Guaranteed nonstop, direct delivery of your package. This service ensures there will be no other stops for your most urgent deliveries.

* Please allow approximately thirty minutes for the pick-up. 

Emergency Service

Available any time of day. Deliveries within twenty-five miles of the pick-up location will be completed within a two-and-a-half-hour window.

* Please allow an additional thirty minutes for each additional ten miles over twenty-five.

Insurance Coverage: All shipments are insured up to $100. Additional insurance is available upon request when placing an order.

Fuel Surcharges: All rates and quotes include fuel charges.

For Service: Call our Customer Service line at: (630) 477-0637 | or e-mail us at: Orders@My-ontimemessenger.com

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